dinsdag 15 mei 2012



My muse!
What beauty do you hide within twilights?
What dreams you gave birth to beyond the forest glades?
What songs did you sing  in the deep gorges?
What rays do you seek in the gloomy evenings?

My muse!
 I stand at the silent crag.
Beat the silence through the eternity absorbed.
I see everywhere the old sunset
Everywhere appears dawn revived.

My muse!
The years and the grey hair like the  mountain crests,
brightening under the hidden fogs.
The spirit carved by  the thin pen,
Trembling, breaking, far away in the remote places

My muse!
I wonder, did you come as a curse
  Or as a play played dizzily
I see the eyes of the girl hidden
 And the tears transformed into an emerald.

My muse!
Like a holy soul impels induces neglect forgetfulness
Why poets we became in the morning
Under the vagrant step the day passes by
In our apparitions life


 My dreams remained there,
Like thousand of icebergs in the boundless ocean
My mind penetrates beyond in the skies.
In other skies, journeys of poetry.

My dreams remained there,
In the vernal nights, full of stars.
Words that cause the soul shiver
And weaved the magic linen
 My dreams remained there,
like the morning light.
With the yearning of autumn
And the drops of rain, melancholy.
My dreams remained there
Over the archs of rainbows, with meaningful colors.
The lucky day , hope and merriment,
arched paths of poetries.

Zeus promised the eternal justice,
stopped for many centuries

Sinners caught the sinners
the holiest of presents for the terrible “Had“

 Everywhere supporters applauded absurdity(insanity)
And everywhere they tightened chains of innocence.

For the heart,
wondered everywhere the cursers . . .
but, alas, the ill-fated,
 could not force it out of the soul.


Bells rang again . . .
Again someone has passed away!
The last words, the only ones . . .
All remained at the monastery.
How close we were yesterday!
How far we are today!

How many broken hearts,
How many deeply grieved souls,
How much tears and how much yearning,
The big crossroad stops!

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